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The card and payment account that make your daily spendings meaningful.

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  • 💳 Free Visa card
  • 🐘 Support NGOs with our reward programme
  • 🌈 Curated lifestyle marketplace
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Have an impact

Have an impact

  • 💸 Each time you spend with your elyps card or on the elyps lifestyle marketplace, receive cashback to give back to NGOs
  • 🤝 Each time you invite your friends, earn company shares (eShares®)
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Free payment account

  • ⏱ Open your account instantly
  • 🙌 No hidden fees
  • ⏳ Real time analytics
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Free payment account
Unique shopping experience

Unique shopping experience

  • 😍 Access brands that you love
  • ✨ Discover personalised & exclusive deals
  • 🥇 Save time, only receive what you need
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Become a shareholder
free of charge

  • The more friends you invite:
  • 💸 The more shares you earn
  • 📈 The bigger the community & your impact

Become a shareholder <br>free of charge

The Payment & Lifestyle Super App.

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“Banking is necessary. Banks are not.” - Bill Gates

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