Grow your capital faster

Investment opportunities that are usually reserved for institutional investors and the richest 0.10%.

Capital at risk.

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Get access to top-tier investments

elyps is an Investment Boutique democratising Alternative Investment featuring a current account and an international VISA card.

Capital at risk.

By invitation only, exclusively available to European and UK residents with a minimum of €100,000 in assets.

We're still opening up but anyone can always join with an invite from an existing member.

Instant payment at your fingertips

  • Instant cash-in and cash-out from your investments
  • Control your money with ease
  • Pay with your international Visa card - no fee abroad
  • Instant bank transfers

Your money, safe and secure

  • 100% of the money on your current account is guaranteed under the EU and UK Electronic Money Directive.
  • Your funds are safeguarded and protected with our global banking partners.
  • ELYPS operates under EU and UK regulations.
  • Founded in Belgium in 2018 by Vincent Dupontreué and Mathieu Flamant, ELYPS is today an independent European financial group.
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Need to talk to us?

Send us an email at

🌍 Headquarters:
Avenue Louise 54,
1050 Brussels, Belgium